Here’s what we agree on

“We built Trainerize on the concept of relationships — connecting people to personal trainers and building stronger relationships between members and gyms. Trainerize connects people through technology — and we see AI making that relationship easier, not replacing the relationship itself.”

And the main reason for that is human relationships.

History often repeats itself — When 2020 becomes history, which trends will stick to define the future of digital fitness?

Have you ever had an idea for an app and thought, “This must exist already.”?

I thought we launched a Watch App. But what I felt was completely different.

We’ve been a bit busy this year at Trainerize.

Over the past twelve years, tech has shifted how we communicate, how we work, and how we think — and when COVID hit, we saw all those elements shift once again.

Sharad Mohan

Co-Founder and CEO of @Trainerize — the company known for digitizing the fitness club experience.

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